by Sarah

Hello! My name is Sarah, and I live in Orlando, Florida with my husband and my two cats. I was born and I raised in France, in a small town called Châteaubriant, located in the historical and cultural region of Pays de Loire.

As cliché as it must sound, my first memories and interests in food and cooking began in my grandmother’s kitchen. She lived in a small village on the north western side of my town, on a hill with a view on the local church. She had a very small and narrow kitchen with brown tiles and wood cabinets, from which always escaped some delicious smells.

As a kid, I loved to sneak into the kitchen with her while she was cooking, and I locked the door behind me to prevent my siblings from stealing away from me this special moment with her. While I watched her cook, she would sometimes let me sprinkle sugar on the fresh apple fritters or pour some white wine into her preparation of Coquilles Saint Jacques. Since then, my interest in cooking grew and now I enjoy cooking for my family and friends because my relationship with food has a sentimental meaning.

My grandmother passed away in 2010. In order to honor my grandmother’s cooking skills and to cultivate mine own, I wanted to share some of her recipes with the rest of the world. My hope is that this website will inspire, help, or motivate you to cook from scratch some traditional, healthy, seasonal, and yummy French recipes. 

Let’s cook some French food with love!

Bon appétit!